Rockstar Bodyguard: Still Getting Nowhere Fast: Rock Star Celebrity Romance, Billionaire Romantic Thriller, Funny Fangirl Humor Collection (Bad Boy Pop Stars Rocker Romance Series Book 2)

Still Getting Nowhere Fast! A witty Rockstar Bodyguard romance sequel!

Can an inexperienced female bodyguard again save her rock star lover from crazy fangirls and jealous ex-boyfriends?

A year has passed since Marley Silver walked away from her boyfriend, Crawl Jones. His job as lead singer of the rock band Nowhere Fast just didn’t work out for her. She got a steady job and he continued on tour. After a picture of him with some barely-dressed groupie surfaced, she called it off. Dating a normal guy, working a normal job, everything was going right for her. Until it wasn’t. She lost her job because of a security snafu that she refused to take credit for. Her sixth sense was messing up. Life was a wreck once again. On her last few dollars before she had to move in with her brother, he calls her back into his office. The last job that she could possibly want and it’s hers if she just agrees to take it. Guarding Nowhere Fast again. Just what she didn’t want, but can’t turn down.

Crawl Jones has been pissed off since the woman he loves decided for them that their relationship was over. Branded a cheater, unfairly, he’s been biding his time until he could finish up another tour and get back to her. She could think she was done with him all she wanted, but he wasn’t a man who took no for an answer without a fight. Everything comes to a standstill, however, when he comes face to face with a crazed man outside of a concert venue one night. Never one to back down from a fight, Crawl fights back. A gunshot wound and a worried band later, he’s about to be swamped in security. From experience, he knows that if he’s going to be surrounded by people who want to babysit him, he’d prefer it be a beautiful woman that can’t seem to keep her hands off of his body when they’re alone.

Marley shows up with a beat up confidence in her skills as a bodyguard and a racing heart. Coming face to face with her ex after a year isn’t what she had in mind. Seeing him with a gunshot wound is nearly her undoing. Even after a year, she can’t seem to turn off the part of her brain that wants Crawl. Guarding his body is going to be hard when she only has eyes for him. Plus, with her out of whack sixth sense, she’s taking down innocent people and missing potential threats to the rest of the band. At least the band isn’t on the road for a while. At a weeklong outdoor concert event, she’s sleeping in a tent and bathing from a sink. Her hair is a mess, she just wants to cry, and some gossip magazine called her trashy. On top of that, Crawl is being impossible to guard because he’s handsy and difficult. Will she be able to get her skills back to protect the man she once loved or will she have to say goodbye to him once more?

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Club Princess II: Bad Boy MC Biker Romance (Be My Bad Boy Tonight Series)

A Hot Bad Boy MC Biker Romance Sequel!

Ellie Hanover is a new woman, in a new place. Things went south with Shadow and the Python Motorcycle Club, but she managed to save herself this time around. She took over the Python Garage and has been running it while Shadow is away. He’s coming back, though, and she isn’t quite sure what to do with the man. He doesn’t have a clubhouse to return to and she isn’t willing to walk away from his garage. It doesn’t help that one of her new mechanics has a thing for her. It’s all she can do to keep the garage going strong, avoid the pending brawl between herself and Shadow, and try to keep Shadow from getting himself killed.

Shadow Brooks just spent another year of his life in prison for an assault charge that he should’ve known better than to get. A year without his old lady. A year being pissed off at the world, because he should’ve listened to her. A year being pissed off because she didn’t visit until it was too late. Getting out should’ve been the best day of his life. Instead, he’s being told that his club’s gone and his garage is overrun with civilians who don’t respect the fact that Ellie is his. He has to get things fixed. Ellie doesn’t seem willing, so he goes for the club first. He just has to avoid getting his head blown off in the process.

Ellie and Shadow are thrown back together, but neither of them know quite how to handle the other. The sexual tension is still there, but there’s also a lot of anger. They have to try to work around each other, but it may be impossible. In the end, will they be able to get Shadow’s club back?

Free bonus book inside: Rockstar Bodyguard!

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Black Widow: Billionaire Bad Boy Romance

Reclusive black widow romances vindictive bad boy billionaire!

Sexy and funny! You’ll fall in love with this humorous romantic comedy!

Astrid Phillips is the only one of her friends that isn’t working. She married well when she was just twenty years old to an older man. When her husband died suddenly, people accused her of murdering him for his money. Since she didn’t need to work she stayed at home and tried to avoid the judging eyes of her community. She didn’t mind calling in a favor from her best friend and agreeing to clean the house of Garrett Townsend, the once partner of her deceased husband and crusader of the anti-Astrid movement.

Garrett Townsend is expecting anyone but the stormy Astrid to come barging into his house. To make up for his lack in judgment he does everything he can to make her life hell. He throws wild parties and shows her how a billionaire bad boy bachelor lives just so she’ll have to clean it up.

Astrid is forced to spend time with Garrett to save her best friend’s business. The two battle about everything constantly but Garrett finds himself at home more and more. He gets to know the woman he thought killed his older partner and has to decide to let the past go. Can he? If he was wrong that means he crucified an innocent woman. Astrid has to learn to forgive but does she really want to? She’s grown used to staying in her home. Letting go of the past might mean she has to put herself out in the world again. Can she handle that? Will they grow together or will the past be too much between them to ever forge anything new?

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Free Fall: Bad Boy MC Biker Romance

Outlaw MC romance! Fun-seeking girlfriend tames alpha motorcycle club biker!

If you love witty romantic story with a bad boy MC rider theme, you will enjoy reading Free Fall!

Raina James couldn’t remember the last time she’d had fun. Her job took up too much time. Her boyfriend was always out of town. She had enough excuses to write a book about why she wasn’t having any fun. None of them made her feel any better. She was twenty-eight. She needed to live before she died. She decides she needs to do something drastic to shock her system out of its slump.

Barrette “Tool” Thomas wasn’t in need of anything. He was making more money than ever with the motorcycle club in the gun-running business. His mechanic shop was busier than ever with women breaking off parts of their cars just to get in to see him. He had money, women and whiskey for as far as the eye could see. He was already thirty-five though and he’d have to settle down eventually. He just couldn’t imagine romancing any of the bike club bunnies. No matter how good everything seems he still felt like he needed more.

Raina happens upon Tool when heading out of town for her skydiving experiment. Her car breaks down and she ends up outside his shop. He assumes she’s one of the MC’s groupies and talks to her like it. After a heated argument that ends in her leaving her car and hitching a ride with him back home. Tool can’t think of anything else. He wants to hear more of her feisty words and watch her skin turn red some more. Raina wants to get far away from the alpha biker bad boy who somehow managed to turn her on while infuriating her at the same time. They ignite each other like fire and gasoline but could they be just what the other needs?

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Rockstar Bodyguard: Nowhere Fast: Rock Star Celebrity Romance, Billionaire Romantic Thriller, Funny Fangirl Humor Collection (Bad Boy Pop Stars Rocker Romance Series Book 1)

Nowhere Fast! A Witty and Sexy Rock and Roll Romance!

Crazy fans want to harm the famous rock star! Can his inexperienced female bodyguard save him?

Marley Silver is not great at her job. She got hired on as a bodyguard by her brother’s security company, out of pity, after a year on the job market with no bites. She’s smart and has a sixth sense about people that her brother can never figure out, but trusts completely. She’s a klutz, though, and he’s never been able to find a space for her to really work on his team. Until the rock band, Nowhere Fast, calls him.

Nowhere Fast is an old friend’s band. Marley remembers seeing their guitar player kicking rocks around their backyard when she was young. Now, he’s getting panties thrown at him on stage and threatening love letters from a crazed fan. They don’t want it to look like they’ve upped security, especially over some crazy fan who couldn’t really hurt them. Finally, there’s a job Marley can excel in. She’s always been great at pretending to be happy with her boyfriends, so this won’t be much different.

Working alongside an old friend could cause trouble for Marley when she sees the band’s lead singer in person. Grayson “Crawl” Jones is a looker. He’s also painfully quiet and off limits because of the job. Marley is supposed to be playing someone else’s lover, but all she can think about is the sexy lead singer. It can’t end well.

Stuck on the road with four guys on a tour bus also wasn’t on Marley’s list of things that would be fun. Especially with a few security speed bumps along the way. She has to use her skills to take down a few rowdy fans and one jealous ex-boyfriend. Will she be able to show her brother that she can handle more jobs in the future? Or will she miss the biggest security risk of all and let Grayson sing his way right into her panties?

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Club Princess: Bad Boy MC Biker Romance, Outlaws Motorcycle Club, Biker Gang Romance (Be My Bad Boy Tonight Series)

A Hot and Sexy Bad Boy MC Biker Romance!

Ellie Hanover had everything in her life lined up just the way she wanted it. A great boyfriend, a great job, and an amazing house in the neighborhood she’d always dreamed about. Then, one day, it all goes away. The man, the job, the house; it all just vanishes before her eyes. Homeless and broke, she has nowhere to go. Nowhere to go, but home. Raised in the Python Motorcycle Club, she hasn’t been back since her dad died. She still talks to some of the old ladies, though, so she knew there was a place for her if she needed it.

Constantine “Shadow” Brooks took over as President of the Python MC three years earlier and has been too busy getting the club straight to even think of an old lady. That is, until Ellie walks through the clubhouse doors. Most of the members know her and still respect her as the old president’s daughter. Which means, she’s still off limits for them. Shadow doesn’t do limits, though. This alpha biker wants to make the feisty woman his.

Ellie isn’t feeling too fondly towards men after what happened with her ex, and she really doesn’t go for the biker types, usually. She watched the way they acted towards women when she was growing up, and that ruined it for her. Watching Shadow has her doubting her resolve, however. The man is dangerously hot and oddly possessive of her. It lights a part of her that has never been lit. With Shadow fighting for her and her body fighting against her, she doesn’t know if she’ll be able to resist the man. She only knows she doesn’t want to have to start over again, so she needs to be careful while playing with fire.

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Romance: The Award: Football Bad Boy Romance, Baby For The Billionaire, College Sports Romance (Billionaire Bad Boys Club Series Book 3)

Can there be love between an award-winning TV anchorwoman and a billionaire bad boy football star?

The wait is over! Come read the final extra hot and sexy episode of The Anchor romance trilogies!

Alex Morgan had finished her college degree and landed a job in her hometown of Nashville. David Castle became the newest member of the Tennessee Titans football team, and the two of them picked up where they had left off four years ago. Alex feels that this time things would be different until she finds a woman on David’s threshold claiming the baby in the carrier belongs to David. Alex’s world comes crumbling down around her, making her to do things she would not normally do otherwise.

David had no idea what Alex had been going through since finding out about the baby. He had no idea that Alex would go as far as she did when she felt she had lost him. Would the two of them be able to put their differences behind them and build on a future? Will there be a happy ending?

The Award is is written for mature adults and is Book 3 of the Billionaire Bad Boys Club Trilogy Series.

Free Bonus Book Included Inside – Hockey Wives Power Play (Billionaire Bachelors Romance)!

WARNING: This book contains mature themes and is Intended for 18+ readers only.

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